• Oitbacka Manor Carriage Museum

Oitbacka Manor Carriage Museum

In August 2015, in connection with the Kyrkslätt days, Oitbacka farm's wagon museum was opened. The museum, which consists of wagons, carts, sledges, and sleds, is located in the attic of the large, mighty barn built in 1902.

The collection is unique as all items in the collection are the manor's own and have been used right up until the 1950s when tractors and cars took over the horse driving culture.

In connection with a personal viewing, visitors can experience a journey through time through the farm's magnificent history, where horses, driving culture and art have always played a central role in the manor's operations.

Consul Feodor Kiseleff in particular, was a great horse and art lover and left behind strong carriage traditions. In honor of his work and passion, his unique purchases from around the world are now on public display.

The museum is open by appointment from May to October and admission costs 7 euros/person. If the group consists of 10 people, the price is 5 euros.